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Everyone needs help with math. Some people need assistance with their homework, and some people are preparing for math olympiads. The Math Contest Repository aims to make it easier to get better at math. Our team of high school students is working to create a collection of math problems, accessible by anyone on the internet, free of charge. On MCR, you're not just a user. You're an innovator. A team member. You can help us add more problems or organize contests! This is an online platform where math enthusiasts - regardless of skill level - can grow and hone their skills.

Our primary objective is to guide students to perform well in the University of Waterloo CEMC contests. The majority of our problems are either directly derived from or based on (in terms of difficulty and format) questions that the University of Waterloo CEMC has made public for students to prepare for their contests. We thank the CEMC for allowing us to access these problems. We also thank the MAA and AoPS for making their resources publicly available, as several of their contests are listed on the MCR for practice.

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